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Bologna Campus - Historical Seat

Upgrade of the University facilities in the historical centre of Bologna with a view to improving student services, reducing the logistical fragmentation of the structures, renovating spaces and strengthening the identity of the University.

Bologna Campus - Filippo Re - Berti Pichat

Plan to upgrade the area, including the park and internal roadways, with a view to expanding the structures and the services offered.

Bologna Campus - Sant'Orsola

Renovation of the area to upgrade teaching, research and support structures.

Bologna Campus - Navile

Major scientific hub, comprising Astronomy, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology, as well as the premises of INAF and CNR.

Bologna Campus - Terracini

Development of a new site completing the premises of sectors of Engineering and Architecture.

Campus Bologna - Risorgimento

Renovation work to create a new hub for Industrial Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

Bologna Campus - Fanin

The former CAAB location in via Fanin is the fulcrum for the research and teaching activities of the entire agricultural area, guaranteeing their quality in terms of the functional requirements and the student services provided.

Bologna Campus - Ozzano

Creation of the Veterinary Fauna Centre and other facilities.

Bologna Campus - Imola

Upgrade of the University premises and student services.

Cesena Campus

Development of a new hub for Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture and Psychology, completion of the Tecnopolo and renovation of the Cesenatico Centre.


Completion of the campus project with concentration of the University premises within two major scientific-teaching hubs.

Ravenna Campus

Expansion and rationalisation of the scientific-teaching hub of Environmental Sciences and expansion of student services.

Rimini Campus

New seat for Life Quality Studies, completion of the Tecnopolo and enhancement of student services.

What has been done


31 Jul 2020

Activities of the Fano Marine Center


26 Oct 2018

A Baby Pit Stop for moms at Unibo

November 2015

Start of mandate