The attention dedicated to the renovation of our ancient buildings and the related regulatory compliance is essential in order to safeguard the historical-cultural values of the University and adapt them to the new requirements of modern academic life. Alma Mater is still rooted in this urban environment, which explains the desire to revitalise the locations that convey the meaning and values of the University. 
Extensive renovations are planned, encompassing the entire block from the Belmeloro classrooms to Palazzo Poggi, as well as the refunctioning of the spaces vacated following completion of the Navile premises and construction of the Biomedical Tower. Overall, the plan aims to create a new physical permeability among the buildings that comprise the complex, ensuring continuity in the use of services and in identification of the locations. Specific interventions part of the plan include moving the non-institutional activities which today are housed inside Palazzo Poggi to other premises in order to bring together history and culture and have the University central offices in a single representative building.

Lastly, the transfer of the Historical Archive to Palazzo Poggi and its merger with the Bologna University Library (BUB) will complete the aggregation plan.

In the Palazzo Poggi area, the consolidation of the Specola Tower, renovation of the ancient seat in via Selmi and upgrade of the museum system, the expansion of the School of Law and the unification of various administrative offices, currently spread among multiple locations, complete the renovation plan of the entire central area.

In addition, work on the Belmeloro area will start upon the transfer of Collegio Superiore to piazza Puntoni and, in addition to renovation of the green and paved areas, will include the construction of a hall of residence for students, a reception centre, a faculty club, a residence for visiting professors and new spaces for students.

Work to upgrade the ancient buildings from via Zamboni 32 to 38 in compliance with current regulations, will also provide an opportunity to improve the available spaces and rethink the existing libraries, with a view to establishing a large library for the humanities.

Against this background, work will also be carried out to improve and rationalise the spaces used by the School of Economics, transfer all the activities of the Department of History and Cultures to San Giovanni in Monte, construct new classrooms and a student hall of residence [M-CB1] on the former Red Cross site, and upgrade the installations of the Santa Lucia Aula Magna.

Gallery Cittadella storica

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  • O.1.4 - Improve the infrastructure required to support research
  • O.3.3 - Improve the quality of teaching, including through innovative methodologies and teacher training
  • O.5.1 - Improve the services intended to ensure optimal study and living conditions for students

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