Copertina Piano Strategico

The Strategic Plan is a planning document that describes the vision, states the mission, strategic guidelines and objectives of the University, and establishes indicators for evaluating the improvements obtained. This document summarises a shared planning process that closely involves the University Governing Bodies and the Departments on an ongoing basis.

The Plan is built on three pillars deeply established in the first millennium of our history (Education, Research and Third Mission), addressing future challenges and the 17 objectives for sustainable development in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly.

The actions designed to implement the Strategic Plan are grouped into the 12 main areas discussed below.

The organisational approach required to complete these actions is guaranteed by the Management Plan and related operational objectives (management objectives), which are in the Integrated Plan for the University and the associated Strategic Plan.

Based on the objectives and priorities identified in the Integrated Plan and the Strategic Plan, the University has also defined and detailed a plan for continuous improvement, which is discussed in the Quality Policies document of the University of Bologna.


Strategic Plan [PDF]

Integrated Plan [PDF] 

Quality Policies of the University of Bologna