Il Rettore

Alma2021 sets out the actions that are intended to implement the Strategic Plan and essentially summarises the planning process followed by the University Governing Bodies and the Departments. This website reports on the policy decisions made, the processes of governance implemented within the academic community and outside, the commitments made and the results actually achieved.

In this way, the website speaks of both the present and the future: it discusses the objectives achieved, but also the projects in progress and those to be set up. It is therefore a dynamic platform that will be updated regularly, to adopt new ideas and adapt our institutional policies and strategies to changes in the social, economic, political and regulatory environment, having regard for the constraints encountered along the way.

Alma2021 clearly sets out our vision for the development of Alma Mater and the accumulated identity that the governors must seek to preserve, consistent with the commitments made to the community as a whole. Our shared vision of the future takes shape steadily, day by day, and is rooted in a profound awareness of who and what we are, our history and the path that has led us to become one of the most prestigious Universities in the world. As such, this vision must always be the primary point of reference for the projects, actions and detailed initiatives that guide our daily work.

In this light, Alma2021 seeks to be a transparent and systematic tool for communicating the progress made by the governors towards achieving the objectives established in the Strategic Plan.

Francesco Ubertini, Rector