Implementation of smart working and working from home, having regard for multi-campus realities.

Organisation of summer cultural weeks for children from Bologna (including those of University employees) aged 11-13. This proposal addresses a public of adolescents, involving them in a cultural programme that, based on their personal preferences, may focus mostly on either scientific topics or the humanities. The programme includes direct contact with several teachers who are particularly keen to disseminate awareness of their disciplines, as well as the exploration of various museums.

Collaboration with local agencies to identify infant feeding areas within the University, as part of an international project on the sustainability and role of public spaces. 

Collaboration with bodies and associations, in order to facilitate the sporting activities of employees and/or their participation in cultural initiatives.

Creation of a new childhood centre, as explained in the specific action planned on this topic.

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  • O.8.2 - Promote the social sustainability of the University community and society as a whole

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