New plan for building works to rationalise the University premises and make them even more suitable for the student community. The organisation of premises into logical districts by activity, with suitable spaces and services, involves making some specific improvements:

  • increasing the number of places dedicated to learning activities (classrooms, laboratories, study rooms), including workstations for students with disabilities
  • equipping the spaces with suitable technologies and tools
  • extending usability of the spaces, with longer opening hours for individual and group study
  • equipping refreshment points within existing and/or new spaces
  • identifying suitable spaces so that recognised student associations can self-manage their recreation and cultural activities.

References to the strategic plan

  • O.3.2 - Consolidate timely student progress in their studies, while respecting strict evaluation procedures
  • O.5.1 - Improve the services intended to ensure optimal study and living conditions for students
  • O.8.2 - Promote the social sustainability of the University community and society as a whole

References to un goals