• Annual publication of the University's gender balance.
  • Preparation of a plan for gender equality that seeks to reduce the differences in the opportunities for personal, social and institutional realisation available to the student community, teachers and the technical-administrative staff, via a series of actions envisaged in the European project Horizon 2020 “Plotina: Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusion in Research, Innovation and Training” with an impact on teaching, research and the organisation.
  • Development of broad awareness of “language and gender”, in the conviction that it is important to look at language as a special “social action”, capable of modelling behaviours, constructing the social reality and strongly combating gender stereotypes. 
  • Launch of projects together with the Civilian Police and the Women’s Refuge for the avoidance of violence, and with various voluntary associations to ensure that students at the various Schools are aware of gender violence. 
  • Establishment of a student desk for advice about LGBTQ+ matters.

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  • O.1.2 - Consolidate the recognition of scientific merit in recruitment and career progression
  • O.8.2 - Promote the social sustainability of the University community and society as a whole

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