AlmaEClub is a tool for involving the University community in project building and implementing the entrepreneurship strategies of the University. Meetings held every two months will have three themes:

  • basic training on what entrepreneurship means 
  • sharing of stories, development paths, examples of good practices, with contributions from high-profile speakers from Italy and abroad
  • establishment of workshops and working parties that will contribute actively to the creation of new projects. The projects devised may become an integral part of the University's strategies.

The four operational workshops for 2017 are: 

  • financial planning and support for business ideas
  • Alumni and entrepreneurial cross-contamination
  • inter-disciplinary training and experimentation skills for the development of entrepreneurship
  • structures for relations with the entrepreneurial system.

References to the strategic plan

  • C.1.2 - To improve the impact of research and upgrade technological transfer on regional, national and international levels, partly through entrepreneurial projects
  • C.2.1 - To develop and highlight the heritage of knowledge and skill of our graduates and personnel, in order to develop connections and synergies between the University and society

References to un goals