Contamination Hub: initiative designed to offer the student community co-working spaces equipped with digital manufacturing technologies, creating opportunities for socialisation, the exchange of ideas and the cross fertilisation of different skills, thus facilitating creativity and entrepreneurial exploration. This is an environment for advanced digital cultures, to attract, polarise and professionalise creativity, initiatives and projects. 

E-Lab: network of laboratories to facilitate the identification of ideas that could be transformed into businesses. These are established in the vicinity of advanced research centres, marked by their ability to attract European funds. E-labs allow contamination between the excellence of research and the proactiveness of students who want to experiment in specialised contexts, drawing on support from teachers and the research equipment available. The laboratories will be networked together and linked to the central Contamination Hub.

References to the strategic plan

  • O.3.1 - Improve the skills acquired during the degree programmes in order to facilitate the entry of graduates into the world of work
  • O.6.1 - Strengthen the socio-economic impact at the regional, national and international level via entrepreneurship projects and University-business initiatives

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